Parameter Message Values

A new feature in version 0.8.0 is the ability to replace the numeric value in a Channel (Ch) or Value (Val) field in a Cue’s Parameter Message string with a VAL-type.

What this means is that the Value passed in a Trigger can be inserted in the Channel or Value part of a Parameter message in a Cue.

Attached is an example for the CL/QL consoles. If someone wants an example for any other console, let me know.
The example changes 12 mix levels on Channel 1 at once, based on the fader position of Channel 1.
It also can clear all DCA and Mute Group Assignments on any channel. The way this works is that you Cue any channels you want to clear the DCA/Mute Groups on, and then press F1. If I were to do this on a console, I would use a UDK instead of a Keyboard trigger as a UDK can be momentary.

Try it out and see what you think. I haven’t had too much time to test 0.8.0, it took quite a bit of work to implement, so hopefully I haven’t broken anything else in the meantime. Please test any setups you have to make sure they still work as expected, and let me know if you find any new bugs!

YammieQ 0.8.0

Here’s another example, from an idea Micky had.

This one will change the console channel colour based on 2 parameters - the HPF and the +48v. If the HPF is enabled on the channel, the channel colour is Green. If the Phantom is on, the colour is Red. If neither are on, the colour is Black. It’s not perfect, as it only looks at the last thing you set, e.g. if the Phantom AND HPF are on, whichever thing you turned on last will be the colour.

It’s more of an example what can be done with the Parameter value function and the Parameter Request function.

It’s for the CL/QL consoles, works on channels 1-72.