Possible to use companion and Streamdeck editor simultaneously?

Hi, thanks for creating this software. I haven’t downloaded the scp or midi software yet to control my CL5, but am excited to try it out.

I use Unity intercom a lot with my streamdeck, and was curious if it’s possible to use it on one streamdeck folder, and have my CL5 macros on another.


Thanks for coming by! Are you on MacOS or Windows?

Why not? Give it a try and let us know!

I think likely you’ll want to create separate pages for each instance.

I’m on a Mac. Will try it out in the next few days when I’m back at the desk.

Also curious if the midi companion app will interfere with the CL5’s regular midi outputs. I use Qlab a lot and trigger cues in Qlab from both scenes and from user defined buttons, in addition to using TouchOSC on an IPad to fire Qlab cues from both main and backup playback macs.

I haven’t implemented it all yet, but really can’t wait to make all this work together. I’m assuming I will just need to monitor what Midi information is going to/from each device and make sure there aren’t any conflicts.