Prescribed fader speed and value?

First of all, Andy and all who contribute to this project - THANK YOU! So glad I discovered it.

With the recent DM7 Firmware 1.5 update, Yamaha introduced a way to control the speed of fade-ins and fade-outs. See more in this portion of the video:

This is a welcome addition as it allows for smoother transitions between some scenes versus abruptness of mute groups.

That said, I want to try and replicate this behavior in a DAW like Logic or Pro Tools. For example: I want to be at FOH and using a single Stream Deck I’d like to be able to send commands both to the DM7 but also backstage to my Broadcast workstation which is all in the box using either Pro Tools or Logic based on the scene type.

Logic and Pro Tools parameter values can be manipulated in synch with the timeline, but those changes need to be predetermined which isn’t possible in a live scenario.

Is this doable? Where would I start?

Hey Lucky Al…

Thank you for the kind words.

The CL and QL have had fade per scene forever, and around version 4 of the firmware added individual channel fade times. The DM7 is just catching up!

Not sure what you’re asking to do. Somehow copy the fade times from the DM7 to Logic or Pro Tools?

Yes, basically I’m trying to replicate this fade time behavior inside a DAW. Right now, I’m the guy mixing FOH and Broadcast. I prefer to mix broadcast in a different room using a DAW, as there are many more tools available. I have optimized my broadcast template in such a way that allows me to just push faders up and down. All compression and other processing is predetermined. All I’m trying to do is mix broadcast on autopilot using the information in front of me at FOH. Since I’m doing it anyway for FOH, I had an idea to extend the macro actions to the broadcast mix.

Why not just have the DAW take Post-Fader sends so that when you fade the channels on the DM7, the signal fades to the DAW?

Great question! The perception of audiences online is different than those live in the venue. One particular example (specific to my case) is we dont’ have crowd mics and won’t get them anytime soon, so we use choir mics at a low level for online audiences. Those same choir mics I intend to keep on a mute group at FOH for obvious reasons. I want to press a button on my stream deck and mute the choir mics at FOH, while only reducing levels by some -20db for my online audiences.

This is just one example, I have multiple examples that I can share, but the bottom line is - things change quickly and while I’m able to react quickly at FOH, it’s very difficult to set my levels consistently for my online audiences.

Another quick scenario: I have 8 singers coming out to sing as a group. For my FOH (we’re running in mono), I’ve already set my EQ, compression, etc. so all I’m doing is just controlling levels. But for my online audiences, I need to create a sense of space, so I want to be able to toggle the pan from dead center (in case one person from the vocal group is soloing) to left/right spread for all 8 people, with different values. Using encoders it’s a pain to do this quickly. I want to toggle panning for my live broadcast at the push of a button.


Well, the first step is to see if there’s a Companion module to control your DAW of choice. If there is, and it supports variables, then you can probably do some trickery with triggers to make the DAW follow some things on the DM7, while allowing control of DAW-specific things as well. I’ve done some simple stuff with an X32 controlling a CL1, for example.

Oh, BTW, the fading of channels isn’t likely to put out any RCP messages, as it’s done internally on the console, but that should probably be verified.