Preset Templates

In working with YammieQ I decided to build some templates for myself to speed the process of programming along.
Here are the files I have made so far.
I have found that you can either open these templates up in your record editor or copy and paste them into an existing record.

There are generally two versions of each template. One is for a single channel and the other ending with “-72” is for all 72 possible channels.

I have loaded the 72channel version in consoles that have less than that channel count, CL1 and CL3, with no ill effects.
I have yet to try these on non CL/QL editors.

I hope this is helpful to others.

Wow! Holy cow, that is a lot of work!

Thank you for posting those. In going through them, it makes me think that I need to come up with some shortcuts for these sorts of large cues. I think when I can pass a value to the parameter messages this will help, but I was also considering a “fill” function in addition to the “paste” where, like in Excel, you can fill a field with a range of values.

Just FYI, I wonder if you may have a couple of files mixed up?

  1. Flat EQ-72 is just for Channel 1
  2. Pan and is Pan-72 look like they’re both for all 72 channels
  3. Recall-Mute Safe and Recall-Mute Safe-72 are just for Channel 1

Thank you again for sharing your files!

The fill function is a good idea.
I used the functionality of selecting a group of events in the channel column and updating that column at once.

It seems that I mislabeled some of those templates. I have updated them and there is a new batch here.

I would love to see how others are stream lining their flow

I’ve added a new feature in the latest YammieQ. Based on what you’re looking to do, it might save a lot of time and effort for you in creating new setups.

Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think.