Program of DTR410 Radio

I have a group (Qty=14) of DTR410 Radios that need to be program to have different talk groups (4 groups) each with there own channel. I also need to have an “ADMIN” Radio that can monitor all the groups/channels. The DTR410 manual is awful, and I can not find how this can be done via: group; channels; or private etc… Does anyone have a clear understanding of these different features, their limits? <OR> Am I limited to having all the Radios to be under one channel? (Note: these are all either Rev2 or Rev3).

You would create 4 private groups that include the ID of each of the radios in that group. The Admin radio can have an admin group that includes the IDs of all the other radios and would receive all the traffic of all the radios. It’s not difficult, but the programming of the DTRs takes a little getting used to. I would do this using the CPS software and the programming cable.

Don’t think of “channels” when using Private Groups. Channels makes sense with public groups but it’s all about the IDs with Private groups.

This blog might help (or confuse further…)

Thanks Andy for the comments.

I am believing that the DTR 410 do not have the function of adding a “Public Group”. I can only establish a single group that all radios hear each other or, several “private Group” that each group are separate. When I am programming using the CPSoftware, the “See All Groups” is grayed out. (this field assigns Private contacts to enable a user’s radio to view any or all Private contacts in the system). The CPS allows individual naming, listing of all the Radios so one can talk privately, and it works GREAT… except I am not finding how to establish this “ADMIN” group that hears and response to all the radios…

The CPS I’m using is Firmware R5E.06.05. I read the thread from SoundFX “DTR410 - No private groups?”. Am I getting these terms Private and Public mixed up? I sure do not want to reinvent this wheel. I too do not see any ‘tree’ structure with in the CPS as the Manual would suggest.

Again trying to grasp at straws, … Would flashing my units provide this new function?

Can anyone confirm any of this? Is there a different model (DTR550, or DTR650) that could become the ADMIN unit to the other 14 that I have? I am new at this, and I really love their quality, however it seems that this should be something that should be a simple feature to have included. . . . Good old Motorola!

I’ve never used the 410 so I don’t know if it doesn’t have the capability of private groups. Flashing them will not change that if they don’t.

You’ll have to find out what the capabilities are on the 410 from the manual to see what’s possible.