QL5 Automated/Remote Snapshot

I am hoping to create something for taking snapshots of a QL5 in a HoW. Half for remote troubleshooting, half so I can pretend to implement something that looks vaguely like change control.

I can communicate with the console via MIDI or Ethernet.

My Rube Goldberg idea was to use a Pi or Arduino to act as a USB flash drive and upload saved CLF files to a cloud service, but I don’t know of any way to trigger the save.

More seriously, the MIDI documentation seems to offer what I want, but I haven’t gotten there yet. Either it doesn’t, and I can stop trying - or I could use a hint.

In the owner’s manual, MIDI 3.2 Bulk Dump lists Scene. I did that and got back a small amount of data. While I haven’t worked out the full decode (I see the formula on the next page, but haven’t gotten the output quite right yet), the volume makes me think it just gave me a list and not the detail I was hoping for.

Then in section 4 Parameter Change it mentions both “scene” and “backup”. If it’s just going to tell me the scene number, that’s not much help. Backup doesn’t seem to be defined here, so no idea if it’s useful.

I’m not seeing any way to save a scene? If I could at least trigger a save to a specific scene number, then I’d have something I can recall to inspect later.

I do something similar with Remotely Possible, but it’s pretty involved, programming-wise.
Why not keep it simple and just use the Editor to save the scenes?

I’m looking for a way to help troubleshoot when I’m not physically there. For example, got a text this morning complaining that something wasn’t working. Bet it will be by the time I go in this afternoon, at which point I can only speculate. I don’t have a computer available on that network to run Editor (I doubt it will run on the R-Pi). If I did, could I automate the save that way? I can’t rely on having a volunteer who knows what to do when the trouble report comes in.

Also, I can’t do a diff on CLF files - unless you have a hint on how to decipher them?

Also2, looking at my project list, I apparently enjoy building overly complicated solutions to what should be small problems. Digging through the MIDI and figuring out what all I can do has been fun.

One of my reasons for creating Remotely-Possible.

You should try it. It’s free for a month.

I’ll check it out, thanks!

If you’re serious about it, I’m happy to do a demo to show you how it works, you’ll just need a Yamaha CL or QL and an Internet connection.

I would love to have it, but selling the church on the subscription isn’t likely to happen any time soon, unfortunately.

No problem. If things change and you’d like to seriously consider it, let me know!