I feel as though it is time for my yearly rant.
A Parable
When Henry Ford started selling the model “H” he said…
“This car will take you to Heaven, and it has a roof to protect you from the wrath of god”
…“And it has FORD written on the front”
And the people said:
“We just want to go to work every day and to cuddle with our girlfriends somewhere private”
And Henry said:
“It could take you to work, but if I tell you how to do that the competition will copy it, so I have given it a pre-programmed GPS connected directly to the steering wheel, so that the only possible destination is Heaven”.
Then he thought a little longer about the second request, and having developed a “B”eta in secret he said:
“The roof looks better down, but I have made it transparent so that it is not so bad when it is up”
A couple of people, who wanted to go to Heaven, and to be seen to be doing so, bought one.
And everyone else wrote in their blogs that FORD was crap… until Henry got to “T” and let them even change the oil themselves.
If you are a hardware manufacturer, please tell us how it works. Some equipment sold today has only been sold because it has been proven to be more useful than you thought.
If you are a software developer please give us ways to communicate with your software.
CueMix will only use Mackie Control Mode! MOTU’s DSP local interface obviously doesn’t!
StageMix will not talk with Studio Manager! Did Jimmy Carter write it?