RCP Control with Automixer functions

Hi there - new to the community, and trying to figure out if companion can help me do what I’m trying to do.

Here’s my situation: getting ready for a show in which we’re using roughly 28 mics that will be running through the Dugan Automixer module in our QL5 board. Now, the automix can handle up to 16 channels at once. What I’m wondering is if we can use the RCP control module to switch which mics are running through the automixer during our show.

At the moment running companion 3.3.0 beta with a streamdeck XL. Has anyone managed anything like this?

Hello and Welcome!

The Yamaha RCP protocol does not have the capability of controlling the Dugan or inserts unfortunately.

Have you tried the yamaha-MIDI module? It may support the commands needed. It’s available on this site, just follow the instructions.

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That’s helpful, thanks! I’ll look into that and see if we can get it to work…

The commands to select which input channel has the Dugan inserted is:
PatchOutRackSrc/RackIn1 and RackIn2
Channel is 0 - 7 for the 8 Rack units used by the 16ch Dugan
Value is 45 for Channel 1, 46 for Channel 2 and so on.
Just use the Action Record to capture the commands.