RCP Module / YamahaDM3 / StreamDeck+

Hi Andy,
1st : ClapClapClap for your work!
As a sound engineer, it’s amazing to add fonctions to buttons and encoders to control things like Yamaha Consoles.

I’m a very recent user of Companion (wich i try to learn)

  • My SetUp : MacBookpro M2 Max / macOS 13.2 / Bitfocus Coompanion 3.1.2 / Yamaha RCP Module (3.1.0) / Yamaha DM3 / Stream Deck +

Maybe you can help me, I’d like to do these things:
- Apply the fonction of a button on “the Selected Channel in use” ( with variables i think ).

  • for the selected channel: Open the PEQ page or COMP Page with buttons

  • for the selected channel: Assign the parameters of EQ on Knobs ( Freq / Boost / Q / Low Cut)

  • for the selected channel: Assign the parameters of COMP on Knobs ( Threshold / Ratio / Attack / Release / Out gain)

  • If possible to adjust a logarithmic version for the knob, to act more like a fader (not just steps of some dB)

  • Maybe possile to have the yamaha midi module in future companion versions ?
    Thank You very Much !

Hello, and thank you for your kind words! It’s been a LOT of work, but it’s really satisfying to hear that it’s been helpful.

With the RCP modules, I can only implement the functions that are available from Yamaha. They created the RCP format for their Visionaire product and 3rd party device control, with only the functions they needed.

So, unfortunately, one of the glaring omissions is reporting which channel is selected.
Another is selection of pages on the console.
And other useful functions.

To figure out “for sure” what functions are supported, I would recommend that you turn off metering (if you’re using my latest module from here (3.4.7) and then open the module log. It’s the “>_” icon beside the module name.
Once you have that open, push a fader on the DM3 and you’ll see a string of messages coming from the console. (as long as you’re connected).
Click “Clear Log” and then try some of the other functions on the console and see if the log shows a message for that function. If there’s a message, then it can be controlled. No message = no control.

The MIDI module only works with the CL/QL, btw.

Also, make sure to download the latest beta from Bitfocus.io and the module from here for the latest features!

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