Recall Next or Previous Scene

Hi Andy & forum members,

When I make a macro in Companion (push button to recall Next scene) the macro contains a “fixed” scene-number. So the created macro always fires Scene-number x.
I want a Streamdeck button which fires the Next or Previous scene. Is that possible?
On the desk I already use quite a lot of User Defined Keys and I don’t want to switch between UDK-layers

I hoped Streamdeck and Yamaha-Midi could solve this button, but so far no luck. Trying to solve this with a regular command from the Companion list (Yamaha-Midi: ) also didn’t find the command I’m looking for

Is there a way to get feedback out of the console on which scene number the console is? Maybe something with a script so I can make a workaround with QLab?

With regards
Gijs van Sorgen

Yamaha has a “secret” way that a UDK can be set to “recall next” or “recall previous”, (called inc recall and dec recall) and those skip over any blank scenes, but that’s not a command that can be sent to the console externally, AFAIK.

An action could probably be made that uses feedback to determine the current scene and then recalls “current scene # + 1” but if there were any blank scene gaps it wouldn’t work.

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Andy, can you explain how to add an action that uses feedback to determine the current scene? I am new to companion so if there is forums or content already out there are you able to forward me in the right direction.

I haven’t really implemented feedback for Scene recall (in fact, there may be a bug that rears it’s head if you try to add Scene recall as a feedback, so I’ll have to fix that!).
What is it you’d like to do and which module are you using?

I am trying to fire Qlab Go button and scene recall to advance to the next scene on a Yamaha CL5 for live musical theater. Also to toggle on/off mutes of two channels. For instance Input 01 (Main Mic), Input 02 (Backup Mic) on single actor.

Gotcha. Because of the “blank skip” issue I spoke about earlier in this thread, creating a “recall next” action would fail if there were any gaps in the scene list.