Remote send on fader with companion


Im looking to have some buttons to open the send on fader on a cl5, it’s that possible?

The only way i found is to put it to the user buttons on the desk, but i’m using them for other functions.

Thank you

Did you try the MIDI module?
If that function is available, then you’ll see it in the log when you go to SOF mode.

No, i try the on from companion, where can i finde the midi modul?

With the Midi Module I can Make the Send on fader flips, is not axactly like i liked to do, but i found a work around.

Thank you for you help

I’m curious - What were you looking to do, exactly?

I like to have for each mix chanal a send on fader button where i can write the name of the musician or FX. So that im faster at the show. It works fine just, when you stay at sen on fader mode you can‘t jump from one mix chanel to the other, so i made one comande for send on fader and one for to select the chanel.

Why can’t you do both functions on one button?

The comand is „send on fader“„select mix 1“ and then „send on fader“ „select mix 2“ and so on…
When i like to select mix 1 and then go to normal and then to mix 2 i can do both together, but when i like to jump from mix 1 to 2 then the comand on the mix 2 put the consol to normal, becouse there is no send on fader on and of comand, just just one that toggles betwen on and off. So i found it for me better to have on botton for send on fader and one for to select the mix.