Remote StreamDeck

Hey all. Had what I feel like is a relatively simple question. I usually run companion on one of my two audio MacBooks, hook up a StreamDeck XL locally, and control my Yamaha console of the day, QLab, and one or two other things using companion. I am looking at doing two things and wanted to ping the collective audio brain.

Firstly I am looking at shifting my companion server to be either a RasbPi or a microPC, leaning towards the Pi atm. Wondering if you have any experience or things to note with this.

Secondly, I am trying to have a second StreamDeck triggering changes on my console to give my playback operator the ability to “PFL” either of his two machines or program feed via the on/off functionality of a pre-fader mix buss. This StreamDeck would live with the PBP op and not be anywhere near my companion server. I’ve never remoted a StreamDeck and was wondering what the best option might be to do so. I’m not sure if Bitfocus allows a way to natively support this functionality or I will have to use a third party software such as Central Control or I heard something called Companion Satellite. Looking to see what might cause the least issue network traffic wise since I usually have my audio network as everything on one big network with a DHCP server on it and wired/wireless access to Dante, consoles, RF, intercom, and system processors.

Anywho, I appreciate any words of wisdom . Thanks for the future insight.

Hey Steve;

First of all, if you’re thinking about RPI, you probably know that they are not available, and if you CAN find them, they are WAY over-priced.

Personally, I have several, and for many years used them for all kinds of purpose-built things, not just companion. However, once they became in short supply, I switched over to a different platform that IMHO is a MUCH better solution. Moving forward, I won’t be going back to RPIs for anything.

It’s a windows 11 computer, which costs less than an RPI 4/8g with case/µSD/PSU.
I got it for C$160.00 and it’s amazing. 4g RAM/64g eMMC, and you can add an SSD if you like! Fanless, so much easier to use, better form factor, MUCH faster, etc. etc. No reason to ever go back to RPIs.

Mele 4g/64gb

I’ll continue with your other question(s) shortly, just wanted to let you know about these computers.

Companion Satellite would be the solution to the “2nd Streamdeck” problem.