Removing the back of the Motorola DTR radio

Several replacement parts are available for the Motorola Dtr two way radios. I have a couple radios with badly scratched front screens that I wish to replace the screen on. These screens are available for ordering, but before placing a parts order I tried to remove the back of the radio so I could gain access to replace the front screens.

I can remove the four T6 screws found in the battery compartment of the radio. However, there are two additional screws behind the top panel of the back. So far I have not found a way to remove this access panel so the two top screws can be taken out. The panel needing to be removed on the back has the Motorola logo and Motorola name on it.

If anyone has had their radios apart and can shed some light on this panel removal, I would greatly appreciate your input. Of course I could damage one taking it apart to find out how it’s held on, but would rather not do that.

It seems really odd to me that parts are available to the general public enabling us to service our radios as needed, but there is no information out there to be found enabling one to do this. But, as we all know Motorola has not provided much information for these great little radios period.

Thank you

The “Motorola” logo panel at the top of the radio is just attached with double-sided tape. Pry it off to access the screws.

I have some front screens that I need to replace as well so let me know if disassembling the radio is necessary to replace them. (I assumed the front faceplate was similarly just glued in place)


Thank you. Using your advise I used a small jewelers screw driver to pry the rear access panel off, exposing four “not two” screws. Once this panel is off the back, using a T6 driver I removed all four screws found in the battery compartment and the four screws under the removed access panel. Now you can gently remove the back panel with a slight amount of prying to loosen it. I then removed the antenna and it’s radio connector and the internal electronic board. Once all this is out of the way I had access to the front screen which is simply pushed out, or as you thought, it can also be pried out from the front. Guys, replacing the front screen is a breeze, if you do it from the front.

In my case, all is not lost though because I also want to replace the back on this same radio. The slot where the belt holder snaps into place at the top of the radio is worn badly not allowing the radio to be held tightly in the belt holder. I now know how easy it is to replace the back, front or any other piece I ever want replaced.

However, let me caution you. I am a retired HVAC service tech use to working with small intricate items and electronics. Doing what I did this morning would not be simple for most people, although it is relatively easy to do. With that being said, replace all the front screens you desire. It is a very easy replacement done solely from the front of the radio. I assumed it had a flange on the back of it and had to be replaced from the back side of the front panel. Not so. Simply using a small razor knife, gently hook a corner and gently pry toward you to remove the front screen.

I am off, headed out to get parts ordered.

I got my replacement lenses here.

Let me know if you find another parts source, it would be good to share resources here.

I started to order from the place you gave, but there was one of my needed parts they did not have, so I placed my order at

You may also find this link helpful giving part numbers:

I printed the list of part numbers for future use.

Thanks for the links. Have you found any Canadian sources for these parts? It can be a hassle dealing across the border.

Thanks again for all the great info.

I have not. I have had to purchase everything in the USA. I am lucky however to be able travel to the USA quite often.

Thanks again for all the great info.


Hi Lonny or Andy,

Could you give a bit more detail on prying off the back panel with the Motorola label? I’m having a heck of a time with it, I’ve used both a normal-sized flat head and a very small flat head (the type used for electronics components) to try to pry it off and I just end up damaging the plastic on the back and the panel is still stuck. Is there a certain area you start from? Is there another tool I should be using?

Good afternoon. What I used to remove this panel was a small jewelers screw driver that fit the opening between the panels perfectly. All that is holding that panel on is double sided tape. I actually pried on the middle of the panel, on the left side when the back of the radio is facing you. You really should not have any problems getting this panel to come off. I have not damaged anything taking that panel off. If your radio is room temperature, it should come off easily. Just to be certain of your prying, the panel I removed this way was the one at the very top of the backside of the radio. Really, it comes off pretty easily. I have had several of mine off with no issues.

I tried on another radio with only the very small flathead screwdriver. After a while, working from the middle of the left side, I finally got it to come off. After I took out the four screws (including those two sneaky ones hidden under the tape) everything came off easily. Thank you for the help!

you guys are very lucky. I just could not pry it open, ending up damaging the panel.

ok. after trying hard, I finally opened back panel. changed butt seal. one question, I damaged one screw and where to get replacement? does Home Depot have the screw? Thanks.