Restricting StageMix

I can create multiple profiles on the QL5, and set up restrictions for each profile limiting what can be done on the mixer itself. But I haven’t found any way to associate StageMix with a profile. It seems strange that Yamaha allows up to 5 iPads to connect, all unrestricted while allowing limits on the actual mixer. Is this really the design? Is there something I can do to restrict what’s done from StageMix?

Interesting question! Would seem like a bit of a loophole if the editor and/or SM has access to all functions!

Just tested and confirmed, SM and Editor have full access regardless of the user restrictions on the console. User keys are just for the console users.
Lock down your network if you need to restrict access.

Thanks for confirming. At least I know I didn’t miss something.

The network is restricted, so no random folks hopping on without permission. My problem is an authorized user who sometimes changes the wrong thing. If I could lock them out of those wrong things, we’d be all set. Instead we’ll wind up with the iPad going away completely. Oh well, it was handy while it lasted.

Does seem like a design oversight. Doesn’t make sense to me that they’d allow multiple remote users without any sort of role management.

Does seem strange. The A&H systems I’ve used DO have user management on the other apps. User management might have been an after thought with Yamaha. Or the iPad App… :wink:

Have you checked out MonitorMix? It doesn’t have any configurable restrictions, but it’s purposely a limited feature app that might not include some of the features you don’t want.

Yes, we do use that as well. I appreciate the suggestion.

I want them to be able to do basic mixing, but lock out things like gain and phantom power.

As they say “Never give a gun to ducks”

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