RIO/TIO control config

Here’s what Tiger and I have been working on for the past few weeks.

The individual pages can be exported and then imported to the layout you want to use. Be sure to have the RCP modules already working when importing individual pages.

Y001 and Y002 are set up for RIO 3224, but have never been connected.
Y003 and Y004 are set up for RIO 1608, but have never been connected.
Y005-8 are set up for RI8 and have been tested.
Y009-B are set up for TIO and have been tested. Meters are enabled on these modules.

The shure module is on set up on the last 3 pages to work with my ULXD. That is a work in progress that we are not part of. If anyone has a better Shure page they would like to share back with us, we’d love to see it. Supposedly a recent update to the Shure module adds variables in the Shure channel name field so we can use SHEETS to name them.

Note that running a lot of meters is very resource-heavy so with lower powered computers running companion you may want to slow down the meter speed or limit the number of meters at once.
Give it a try and please write back if you have any issues at all.

Download the config


Note that you will need to be signed in to download.
If you are not signed in you’ll see an “ACCESS DENIED” error.
(If you see an “Oops” message, you haven’t logged in or you don’t have the trust level YET! - see here .)

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Hello Everyone,

I recently saw this post that was linked from one of Tiger’s posts in a group on FB. I was immediately intrigued and had to dive in. Thank you both, Tiger and Andy for doing so much work and thought into this module and control setup for the Tio/Rio.

I had downloaded it and after a bit more of instruction and small mods from Andy I was able to get it to work with my SD+. Everything works like it should and the video Tiger had posted . I feel the controls are great and straight to the point. I am still having issues with the Google ID for the Channels tho. I haven’t been able to get the Channel Names to show up but I am sure its something on my end by not understanding Google ID part and how to implement it into the Controls.

I am currently using a SD+ and Basic SD 15-button. I am looking forward to more of the advancements of this module. I do remember Tiger mentioning that he was working on a way to use the swoosh movement on the touchscreen part of the SD+ to move pages…that would be AMAZING if that comes to be.

All in all, I am overjoyed with this experience and look forward to future updates!


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trying to download the configs… says access denied even though i’m signed in. any help appreciated…

Yeah, trying to keep spam under control requires a little more hoop-jumping. Just read some posts or make another post and your trust level will go up and you can download. Sorry for the hassle!

(see here )

also, does this work without a QL/CL in the config? Can I just have the companion app and a TiO 1608 and it will work?

Yep. That’s the intended use. If you have a QL/CL you can just use the HA control on the console.

I’m getting a “connection refused” in companion. do i need to have the dipswitches in the back of the TiO set to anything in particular? I have them set to work with DHCP so I can use R-Remote. I’d like to be able to do both in that I can use R-Remote and the Stream Deck.

Are you entering the IP address in Companion shown in R-Remote?
(It auto-finds it by bonjour for myself and a few others, but I haven’t had enough people report back to know whether it works for everyone)

ah, i was putting in the ip address that my router was assigning to them. didn’t realize it was different. it’s connected now but i don’t know if my streamdeck buttons have correctly synced. i see a lot of $NA across the board.

The $NA has to do with the Google sheets connection. You’ll need to reach out to Tiger to sort out how to make that part work.

Andy says a lot of you (like me) are too dumb to figure out my config even with the descriptions and all the instructions for the sheets laid out in the sheets module and you are breaking his inbox and I need to do something about it. The few folks that asked me directly, I spent the time to explain it to them (again), but I am not actually camping on this forum so I wasn’t even aware of the activity here. We discussed a way to solve this and decided a simple single page module that does NOT include the google sheets module might help those of you that are (again like me) not smart enough to figure this out without Andy’s (extensive) help. I think Andy does not want to repeat the time he spent with me a hundred more times, and I don’t blame him. I don’t even want to repeat that time with me.

The original config will likely still work but it doesn’t have the meters enabled for every module. It needs sheets set up and who knows what’s going on with the Shure part of it!

Tiger’s 1-page Config for Yamaha I/O Control

You will still need to do several things to get this to work with YOUR streamdeck. I suggest asking lots of questions on the COmpanion facebook group. They love that.

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