Rivage control via Companion

Could the Rivage also be controlled with a stream deck?

I’m looking for anyone who has time to test it with me.
Send me a DM if you have access to a Rivage and time to do some tests.


HI all,
New here.
Just to know if latest version for Companion (1.6.0) will be available shortly or if I’m doin’ something wrong! Wanna get remote control for PM5 Rivage.


Hello and Welcome!
Use the latest companion beta for Rivage control. You can download it from bitfocus.io or here. The one here may be a little older than the one on bitfocus but the Yamaha RCP module (and other modules I make) will be the latest ones available here.

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Thanks! Didn’t think about the beta version… now I found it!
(Anyway, we got a PM5 Rivage if you need some tests!)

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I’d be interested to know how the RCP module works for you on the Rivage. I haven’t had much feedback about it on that platform. (I also don’t have a Rivage to test with)

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