Rumors of iPad version of Studio Manager.

Anyone heard of this yet? I have heard rumors of an iPad application that will do what Studio Manager does. iPad has a great interface, cheaper than a tablet PC, and you just need the smaller memory, wi-fi version (the cheapest).

NOW-lenovo has a 10" netbook with touch screen. Runs windows 7. Will run Studio Manager. $500. No need for iPad!!!

Just talked to an M7 owner who attended the “Mix Online” Nashville expo 2 weeks ago and he said they announced that an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch version of Studio Manager will be coming out soon. My first concern would be the sensitivity of the controls so you have smooth mix adjustments. Have no fear! It sounds like the developers are adding features to allow you to increase the size of faders to allow smooth fine tune adjustments. I’ll see it when I believe it.

For now, Studio Manager works great on a Mac or PC and is really a great tool for monitoring your digital console and making a few remote adjustments. Mixing is really meant to be done on the console itself.

I hate to take you out of this forum but here is the software, “STAGE MIX” that allows you to control an M7 with an ipad.

I’ve developed a software called “KiwiRemote” for the digital consoles. It can receive OSC datas from the mobile devices like iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and convert the datas (fader & pan) into midi sysex and send to consoles. M7CL parameter change adresses are ready and i continue to develop for the other Yamaha models (LS9,PM5D, O1V, O2R,…) and for the other company consoles (iLife,…). I and my band have been using the software for 3 months and it works great! If you are interested in, you can download instantly from the site and try it.
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What’s the advantage of your software over Yamaha’s “Stage Mix” software?

Hello Andy,
First of all thank you for your interest. I’ve written this software before “Stage Mix” annoncement, and unfortunately i could not have chance to use the “Stage Mix” yet. But i guess that only one person will be able to use it e.g. sound engineer or one musician.

Beside of this KiwiRemote can receive and send datas simultaneously between multi mobile devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). I am developing a new software called “KiwiOSC” to control “KiwiRemote” by even mobile PCs, and will be ready next week. Musicians who doesn’t have iPad can use “KiwiRemote” easily.
Musicians and sound engineers can save their soundcheck times and control their mixes when giging by using KiwiRemote simultaneously.

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So far there is an app called AC7 pro, which allows you to control faders in Logic, and other recording software packages. I’m not sure what else is out there. AC7 Pro has 9 faders and by contorting my hands I am able to control all 9 independently at one time. Not that I would try to control 9 faders at once, but its nice to know it is possible.
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KiwiOSC is ready now!

See here: