Scene inc/dec on QL


I’m new to MIDI with Yamaha consoles, but very interested in giving it a try.

Is it possible with YammieQ on a QL 1 to have a MIDI device triggering the increment/decrement scene function on the QL? I know one can use the “user defined keys” for that, but on the QL1, unlike the CL5, they are relatively far away from the faders.
My goal is to mix the bulk of a theatrical production with a QL1 using only my right hand on DCAs and scene increment, so that with my left hand i’m able to adjust EQ’s, … , without letting go of my beloved faders.

Do i even need YammieQ for that?


Yeah, not possible unless there’s a MIDI command for that. Check the manual, but I expect there’s not.

Thanks for the very fast Reply!
There isnt one, only one which sets a specific scene… It seems like i really cant access the “user defined keys” function via MIDI…

That is correct. Scene Recall Next/Prev I believe are only available via UDK.