Scene Memory Functions for CL Series

I would like to be able to control “scene memory” functions on one CL5 (FOH) on another CL5 (Broadcast). Primarily just recalling scenes would be tremendously helpful, if other scene control functions are available that’s great too.



Well, let’s see if I can list the steps. (I might forget a step, just doing this from memory)

  1. Set the “Mixer Control” IP address on each Console to a different IP address, but on the same subnet as your computer. e.g. for CL5 #1 (FOH)and for CL5 #2 (Broadcast)
  2. Install Companion (latest v3.2.0 beta) on a computer: Link to
  3. Add 2 instances of the Yamaha-RCP module and Name them CL5-FOH and CL5-Broadcast
  4. Set the IP addresses for each module to match the “Mixer Control” IP addresses on each Console, so CL5-FOH IP Address matches the actual console’s “Mixer Control” IP address, and do the same for the CL-5 Broadcast Instance too.
  5. Create a button in Companion, and add the “Scene Recall” action for the CL5-Broadcast (like CL5-Broadcast: Scene Recall)
  6. Make the “Scene” selection in that action the string $(CL5-FOH:CurScene)

When you press that button, it should recall on the Broadcast console whatever Scene is currently recalled on the FOH console.

I’ll tell you how to automate that, but you want to start with this test.

I can send some screenshots if what I wrote isn’t clear.

Okay, so that works. Ready to automate when you are :smiley:

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Here’s how to automate it, using a trigger:

Be careful not to be inspired to also have the FOH change when the Broadcast changes as well, or you’ll end up in a loop as one changes, sees the change, changes the other, the other sees the change and changes the other and so on and so on.
Just do one-way only.

If you’re looking for the ability to transmit scenes from one console to the other over the network, Remotely-Possible can do that. (as well as other control-type things)

Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to help me get this going! Can’t wait to see what other possibilities this opens up!

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