Scope to specify parameters?

Hi @Andy Just thinking out aloud really.
Some of the buttons I use have a long list of commands often doing identical actions to a long list of channels or mixes. If we could specify a scope for a command ie yamaha-scp: Mix/Fader/Level Mix 1-16 -700 to set mix masters instead of of using yamaha-scp: Mix/Fader/Level Mix 1 -700 sixteen times for each of mixes 1-16 individually we could significantly reduce programming and edit time.
Any thoughts?

You’re not using Macros? Creating those buttons would only take seconds using Macros.

Ah, I’d kind’ve forgotten about the macro. It didn’t record when I initially tried it. Could you confirm how to use it in the RCP?

Go to presets, choose rcp, choose rcp macro, drag it to a button.
Press the button, make all the changes you want that button to do on your console, press it again to stop recording,
It will then contain all the commands. MUCH easier than adding commands from scratch.

Let me know if you have any trouble, I can make a video to demonstrate how it works if that helps.

Thanks Andy. I’ll have a look again hopefully next week.

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