SCP to RCP translation - some success

Hi @Andy

I’ve imported a pre 2.2 .companionconfig into your latest build. Most commands look good but the SCP_222 command MIXER_Current/StInCh/ToMix/On doesn’t seem to translate. I’ve updated the commands manually for now and looking forward to testing it tomorrow.

Thanks for your hard work!

Thank you for testing that. There were 2 versions of some commands, some using /StIn/ and some using /StInCh/ which did the same thing. I eliminated the redundancy in later versions so that’s probably why it balked.

Testing went well. The only other manual changes I needed to make were for feedback. The newer name feedback works nicely :+1:

Ok. Thank you very much for that information. Very helpful.
Did any of the feedbacks convert on their own or did you have to do them ALL manually? There hasn’t been extensive checking yet on that front.

TBH I initially thought some feedback had converted but I definitely had to do some. I can’t say for sure now but I’ll revisit it when I have a moment.