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I discover the RCP module with my streamdeck wich is awsome!
Juste one issue for the moment, I don’t find how I can set the channel in “selected channel” fonction.
My target is to create Toggles for on/off selected channel mix on/off with feedback color on streamdeck.

I have the 1.6.5 version in Companion.

Thx a lot for what you are doing…

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Hi Quentin! Welcome.

Thank you for your kind words.

Selected Channel is not an RCP function. If, however, you are using a CL or QL console, the MIDI module has a Selected Channel function (and 1000’s of more functions too)
The MIDI module is included in the build that’s available on this website.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I try this as fast as possible!

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How did that work for you?

It works good!
I find some solutions , and try to find more…
Do the thing I asked in my first message was so easy…

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Yes it is…

Don’t forget you can have the RCP and the MIDI module running at the same time so you can pick whichever module makes the most sense for the functions you’re doing.

Just finish a gig with some macros, life is much easy now!

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