send of fader CUE

I dont know if you can help but I recently started useing my LS-9 32 all the time and discoverd that when I am setting monitors from the FOH locations using a talkback mic, if I have all the vocal channels activated with a ques, so I can talk to them and hear them in the headphones, if I change from Mix 1 to another mix, all the que’s clear and I must reativate them each time,

Is there a soloution for this? Yamaha could not help so far?

I just tested this with SOF, and as long as you don’t click the mix button twice, it doesn’t change the assigned cues. Have you tried this with SOF?

No, I have not installed it yet, it is on my todo list SOON!! If that takes care of it, I will be stoked!

great app thank you for the improvement brought