Sends on Fader not Working in Windows 10


I tryed to use SOF in windows 10 but I couldn´t have it working.

The Studio Monitor worked fine with the default configurations and remote operation worked ok on a LS9.

After some tries I could (apparently) sucsessfully install MIDI Yoke.

Following the configuration steps, the MIDI Yoke ports could be correctly configured on SM according to the SOF manual.

But after opening the SOF software, there was no ports avaliable to select at the midi configuration window, only the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. No MIDI Yoke ports neither LS9 ports shown up.

I tryed running de SOF as administrator, copied the executable on several folders and I couldn´t be able to make it work.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards.

AFAIK it still works on Win10.

Did you read this thread?