Sends on fader yamaha 01V96i

Hi there,

Thanks for sends on fader which I heard is very helpful. I try to use it with my yamaha 01V96i (new version with built in usb audiointerface) I thought it will work but i ceceived this message aprrox: wrong console, only works with dm1000, 01V96. Does the software receive the name of the console and check if it’s supported (and I would appreciate if you could modify SOF to accept 01V96i) or does this message appears whent the communication doesnt work?

THanks a lot

That console wasn’t around when I created this software all those years ago. I can take a look to see if it would be difficult to add support for it.
What is the Hex Error code in the error window?

Hi Andy, the error code is F0-43-10-3E-1A . Thanks for inquiring


Ok, give this one a try and let me know if it works for you. I don’t have an 01V96i to test it, so it might not work, but try it if you get a chance.

Hi Andy, It works perfectly. Thanks a lot, for the time spent to fix it. Great software.



Luckily the various 01V96 consoles use similar message formats.

Glad it worked for you.