Sends on Faders for windows 8


Wes here, new to the forum.

I can use studio manager with an 01V96, but can’t get SoF to work. It loads, but never connects. Seems that MidiYoke is the problem.
I keep getting an interruption in the load of MidiYoke.


Hi Wes;

What exact error message are you seeing?

Hey Andy,

When installing Midi Yoke, the installation hangs up with the dialogue box, " The installer was interrupted before MIDI YOKE could be installed. You need to restart the installer and try again."

Done that a bunch of times. Went into the registry and removed all of the midi files and tried again, still no luck. SoF starts fine, but I never see the midi ports to choose the in and out. Only the Yamaha 01V96 shows up as a choice. Studio manager works fine.


Hey Andy,

So, using the ‘troubleshoot compatibility’ choice, MidiYoke loaded fine, and SoF is fine. But, studio manager will no longer sync with the 01V96, the option stays greyed out until I uninstall MidiYoke, then it will
sync. Ideas?



Are you talking about syncing while SOF is running? That may not work.
If you’re talking about syncing without SOF running, just make sure to change your MIDI ports in SM to the 01V96 ports from the MIDI Yoke ports.