sends on fades new user

helo! I am a new user forum and I would like to say that the forum is very interessing and say congratulations for all equipe for this idea.

For the while is it that I can say.


Sidnei Alves.:icon_redface:

Welcome to the forum, from one new user to another.
Happy Mixing!

hello i am new as well

hello matt welcome

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it!

I am new as well to the forum, but visited Andy’s old site a while back. I downloaded and tried to install an older version of SOF that didn’t work for me, but to be honest I didn’t devote a lot of time to it then. I will be working feverishly for the next couple of days to get it working so I can use it on upcoming shows. Thanks for creating this useful program and I hope to get it in use soon. Happy mixing.



my name is Sebastian and I´m new too. I want to check the sends on fade programm. Thank you very much for the great work.


I’m looking forward to using the program as well. We’ll be using it for our church. I’m giving the vocalist control of there own mix. This should simplify it for them.

I’ve used this program for awhile now, it is very handy. I typically run the star on the console, and control the rest of the band via SM.

Hi I’m a new user and excited to try this send on fader program

Hi, I am a new user, looks like a great addition to Studio Manager

hi, i am a new user and hoping for SOF to work - exactly what i needed, in case it is stable …