Set Focus Recall for Multiple Scenes

Hey mate. I tried this just now and could only get it to work on the editor. It seems that the console will not respond to the instructions. Would there be a reason for this? My console is running on v4.10 and the editor is running 4.1.0

Is YammieQ working properly otherwise? Is it recording and playing back other changes normally using the console?

If not, please re-read the instructions and watch the tutorial videos. Let me know what’s working and what isn’t, specifically so I can help you further.

Yeah mate, everything else is working perfectly with the console and editor.

So, when using the console, creating a trigger and cue work perfectly EXCEPT for when trying to recreate the setting of focus-recall for multiple scenes?

You’ll have to give me more info as to what exactly is not working. Are you seeing messages when recording? Are they not playing back properly? What exactly isn’t working?

If you can reproduce the issues you’re having, I’d be happy to skype with you so you can show me what’s happening. I’m pretty much in the dark here without any information from you.

Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, I’m in the middle of a hectic production period. Once we are in previews I will have more time to problem solve.