Simulating a TIO or Rio

Hi there!
Firstly thanks for all the work on the Yamaha control for streamdeck, great work.

My query is slightly off-topic but I hope you might be able to give me some insights in the way in which communication works between Yamaha desks and input modules.

Essentially, what I want to be able to do, is bodge a head amp control for a third party Dante input unit by emulating a Tio (or Rio). I want to allow a DM3 to use a tascam SB-16D (because yamaha don’t make a small format Dante unit suitable for dropping on a stage). I want to have something like a raspberry Pi or Arduino to appear to the DM3 as a RIO or Tio and to pass head amp level and phantom power commands on to the SB-16D.

My question is around how to emulate a Tio/RIO? How does the desk discover the devices and identify what it is? I think it expects a Yxxx on the dante names but thats about all I know. Is there anyone that has a bit of an insight and is kind enough to be able to share? Will be greatful for any pointers!

Thank you for your kind words.
I did a few weeks of wiresharking to try and determine that, only to find it’s WAY too much work to emulate a “recognized” device.
I decided it’d be a lot easier to just translate the messages from the console than to jump through all those hoops.
As far as “small format Dante unit”, what’s wrong with the TIO? It’s probably the lowest-cost Dante interface there is!

Thanks for the response. Shame, hoped it would be easier than that!

The problem with the TIO is that it’s a huge (deep) rackmount unit, it’s not a stage box format. Fine if you have an amp rack but not if you’re intending to drop a stage box on stage with powered speakers. Its the physical format that’s the killer, although also in some cases it’s always on fan too.

For now might be stuck with separate companion/ipad control then.

Once my DM3 arrives (sometime next year) I’m going to be looking into HA control. It can be done right now for the CL/QL and older consoles, but the newer consoles are quite different in the way they communicate.

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@Andy - Still waiting for the DM3? I’m waiting for it to be available on B&H.

Yeah, I hear perhaps July or August here in Canada. :frowning: