SL 7550 MotoTurbo

Hello to everyone. I am new to the group. I am a Ham radeio operator and use Motorola sl7550 and 4550 for DMR use. I get great results talking around the world with them. It looks like the DMR world is exploding. See you soon.


I hope you find the website interesting. Mostly DTR stuff at the moment, but I’m looking to the iCOM IP100 as it’s WiFi and seems very interesting!

I almost made the jump to ICOM with their D STAR set up. Price had a lot to do with it. Two months later the DMR bus showed up and I jumped on. There are other systems out there Yaesu. The DMR system is running 24 hours a day world wide. Interesting talkig to a guy walking his dog down the street in London while I am at McDonalds.