SOF for LS9--New user

Looking to use SOF to allow second operator to monitor recording mix.

Laptop on stage to set monitor levels would be a welcomed addition, too.

BTW–the white text on pale yellow background areas of the web site are near impossible to read.

Thank you for letting me know. It’s not supposed to be that way. Could you let me know what pages you saw that had the unreadable text?

some information fields or the rules of the registration page for example.

The area at the top of each forum page that has the FAQ & Registration info, as well as the highlighted text when doing a forum search.

It appears the same with Safari & FireFox on Mac 10.5, and IE8 on Windows XP.

I am attaching screenshot.

Also problematic is this area of editing text for this message which is black on dark gray, as well as the buttons which are white on light gray, and the “Manage Attachments” with buttons that are white on light blue.

The site seems to be filled with low contrast text on background areas.

Trying attachment not imbedded in message.

Thanks for that info. I’m still learning how to properly skin with this new forum software, and it’s quite a challenge. I think I’ve fixed a bit of it, but there’s lots more to do. Seems some can’t easily be fixed so I may have to wait for the next version of the software to arrive.

I appreciate your letting me know about it.