SOF for OSX !!!

Hi Andy,
I’m the happy owner of a new MacBook Pro Retina 15´since November:eusa_dance:
But… :icon_pray: :icon_pray: Please please Please Andy, try to dévelop the OSX version Of your fantastique SOF :eusa_clap:

Hello jimiric,
Try bootcamp or parallels as soon as soon as you get the chance. Most (but certainly not all) “useful” software is only available for Microsoft and/or Linux/Unix (and lately Android). You have made a good choice if you “want it all” because Apple let you dual boot or run a virtual windows machine within OSX… but you will need windows as well… a Mac is really just a toy!
Best wishes,

Yes whole-av :banana: It’s the solution :eusa_clap:

Interestingly, it seems Microsoft is working on a version of .NET for OSX and iOS, so there actually might be a possibility in the future to create a Mac versions. Won’t be for a while, though!

Yes Andy… It’s a very good new because SM works fine with OSX Yosemite :slight_smile: