SOF now working with 01V96V2 a Note for others

After having had a difficicult time trying to use SOF with win Xp sp3 I’d given up as a problem no_one could fix.
The problem had been:

  1. After running initially it would hangup after about 5min.
  2. Could not end program.
  3. Could not restart and run Studio Manager on line.
    4 Had to reboot computer to have Studio manager working on line each time.
    Problem Solved with the following changes to the 01V96V2 mixer.
  4. Checked “MIDI/TO HOST Setup”. This showed “MIDI” in the Rx & Tx Port.
  5. Changed to " - " or nothing in both ports.
    Now SOF works like a charm. Maybe it created a loop before?
    Any comments Andy?
    Thank Nick H.

All I can say is I’m happy you found the solution. I have no idea why that setting would affect the operation of SOF as those operations should be separate.

Well done, and hopefully this information will help someone else running into this same problem. Thank you for posting!