SOF - useful program

Hi Andy,

Thanks again for creating SendsOnFaders!

Have been using SOF almost a year now.
Am regularly mixing on an 01V96, and occasionally an LS9, with the mixer at the stage and laptop at FOH.

I can often split channels to two layers, one for House, one for Monitors. Other than sharing gain, I have two, separate mixers.

I initially mix monitors from the stage, then tweak on the laptop.
Way easier with SOF than just the Yamaha software.

For anybody considering SOF, it works, it is stable, it should be bought by Yamaha and integrated into their software!

Good health, Weogo

Hi all,
New member here, found many mentions from Weogo and others on PSW of send on faders and had to check it out. About to download and give it a good workout.

Just recently picked up a nice 01v96 too after many succesful years with a DDX3216 (sorry but it did good for me) and am struggling with the almost endless possibilities this new board seems to have. The remote mixing idea is the main reason for getting the Yamaha.

Pleased to read the above post giving me confidence to give the remote mixing a go too.
Not sure about which way to go yet ref the router options, may start off with 2 laptops (got 2x thinkpad 600x’s) and if it works for me may progress to a simpler system like the Silex wireless. early days yet.

Nice work Andy, keep it up.

Hi Noiseman,

With the two laptops you will likely have a very reliable setup.

If you go wireless, check out the Icron WiRanger USB extender:
In one venue I’m using the Cat5 version and in another the fiber optics version.
Aren’t the Thinkpad 600s USB-1? Might be an issue with the Icron units…
I’m using a Thinkpad X41 Tablet.

Good health, Weogo

Thanks for the advice Weogo.
The remote mixing will have to wait a little longer as one of my laptops died minutes after installing the wi-fi card (pain in the rear actually as I’d had the thing sat around for over a year just so I could do just this with it!). So I am down to just the one at the moment.
With a little luck I may get an X41t tablet early next year and have another go.

ps You’re right about the 600x, it is USB 1.0.


This is just what I’m looking for for an upcoming one off. Cheers!