I want to try this software for my 01V96, i think it will be a huge improvement for remote controlling the board


Just installed SOF on my laptop (Win 7 32 bit)
connected it to my 01V96 and it worked right away, i did also a test with a tablet remotely controlling the laptop and this worked perfect.

Andy, you are a life saver when i am alone to mix FOG and Monitors, i will reduce the soundcheck time by half if i can stand behind the musicians to do monitors during soundcheck.

Only one minor bug, your program go to background when i move a fader on the laptop, so i must recall it for each aux send.

Glad you’re enjoying it.
Click the “Top” button in the bottom right corner until it’s bold to keep the SOF window on top.


I missed this one

I want to try this software with my LS9 thanks