Starting "sends on faders" software

Is it correct that to start “Sends on fader” application each time I must first Start “Studio manager” with ports set up for 01V96, connect and syncrhonised, then reset midi ports to the midi yoke ports and start the “Sends on fader” application. Because thats the only way it works for me. Thanks Andy for this great application which is so handy for remote control with my Asus EeePC T91 touch/pen screen.
Nick H.

You should be able to run SM with the ports set as you would have them when you’re using it with SOF, then run SOF and then sync.

Does that not work for you?

I’ve just loaded SOF on my later model laptop running the latest SM for 01v96. XP3 . First time I installed an ran it perfectly.try to close SOF and it just sits there saying"closing all ports". After 10 minutes I hit X and it finaaly closes. then it takes a while for me to close SM. On restarting SM then SOF resync is greyed out. So now I find I can’t start SM at all even with 01V96 ports selected.
I have to reboot laptop, start SM with "96 Ports, synchronise, then change to midi yoke ports and start SOF for things to work once. After that If I try to close application it just hangs saying trying to close ports. If I the hit X it closes after a while. The same with SM it takes quite a while to close. If I try to Restart SM even in normal port operation using 01v96 settings it doesnt even start, I have to reboot the laptop. I’ve tried everyway of starting this like you said with the midi yoke ports selected and the other way but a freshly booter computer is the only way to get it sycrhonised and running with SOF. I guess I’ll not be closing either program during a session of use. Can you shed any light on this. this is doing the same thing as on my deasktop.
Thanks Nick H.

That’s a bit strange. I do remember there being an issue way back when I first was testing the software and it only occured on the 01V96. It was fixed before it got released to the masses though.

The issue is with the way the USB to MIDI driver works between the 01V96 and the editor. I have no idea why that particular driver was trouble and none of the others, but like I say, it was fixed long ago.

Are you absolutely certain that you have the latest USB to MIDI driver?

If you have a MIDI to USB adapter, give that a try to control the 01V96 (set the studio manager connection to MIDI on the console). That would help figure out if it’s the USB driver causing the problem.

You could also try another USB cable just to see…