Stream Deck + Knob “Inertia” behaviors?

Hey everybody,
This is more or less a quick post to help get my login started on the forum - but in doing a quick search I hadn’t really seen an answer to this question, nor the question either:

Is there a way to get different behaviors on a rotary knob based on how quickly it’s turned?

Id imagine this is more of a core Companion functionality question and less on the Yamaha RCP implementation, but what Im going for is being able to throw a fader fast with a quick knob turn and be able to do some granular control when turned slowly. That or maybe there’s a way to simulate what yamaha does with pushing then twisting the encoder to get granular control? I just got the Stream Deck + the other day and have begun to play with it…

Thank you for any help!

Welcome, Colin!

I’m not sure how to implement the inertia functionality, but the press-for-fine isn’t too hard to do.

I cover this in the 2nd part of my first “how to” video here: V3 & RCP Videos - #3 by Andy

Have a look and let me know if you have any questions!

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