StreamDeck & Companion

Updating the SCP module for the CL/QL and TF consoles. I’ll be testing it on the CL5, and I don’t have a TF console to test this on.

Documentation on the SCP protocol is not easy to come by, but I have pieced together something that seems to work so far, but it’s a work-in-progress. I’d probably go a lot faster if I knew JavaScript. Learning it as I go along…

I’d be interested to find out how people might use the StreamDeck and Companion with their consoles to see what other functionality I might add. There’s a lot of commands that just wouldn’t make a lot of sense on a button controller, so I’ll probably filter out a bunch that might not be useful. I’d appreciate any feedback on functions that should stay or go.

I’ll throw a link here once I’ve uploaded it to GitHub. Like to do some testing first.

Here’s the link to the new forum for SD/Companion.