Studio Manager and StageMix

I almost have concurrent Studio Manager and StageMix working on my LS9. The issue has been that Studio Manager and StageMix each claim the board’s ethernet connection as their own. If one is connected, the other can’t connect.

If I hook up the laptop to the LS9 with actual MIDI cables, and tell Studio Manager to use the MIDI interface, at first it’s no joy. However, if I move a fader, Studio Manager comes online and shows the fader move. That works until I stop moving faders. 5 seconds later, Studio Master drops offline again. During that 5 seconds, I can still operate the board from the laptop. I can even recall scenes and edit channel names.

This is with LS9|Setup|Misc Setup|MIDI Setup| Parameter Change Tx and Rx enabled on the LS9. However, if I add Parameter Change Echo, it stays online as long as I am moving controls anywhere, including the laptop. If I enable Control Change Tx, it all stops working. None of the Program Change or Mode toggles (Single/Multi, Omni, Bank, NRPN/Table) seem to affect it either way.

StageMix has been up and running during this entire experiment.

It seems to me that if I can just get a “keep alive” message running through the board from somewhere, we’ll have it all. Any thought or suggestions? Can something in MIDI Yoke get me there?

Yeah, it’s too bad that on the M7 and LS9 only the Ethernet connection can be used for SM. On the previous consoles (5D/DMx000, etc.) the SM connection can be any connector - USB/Midi/Serial, etc.

It’s likely that some SM functions may not work using that method, like channel copy/move, synchronization, libary copy/move/paste, etc. but I’m not sure which would and wouldn’t. Synchronization would be the biggest problem. If you can’t sync it’s pretty pointless. Have you tried synching?

Curious as to why you would need 3 controllers (StageMix/SM/Console) all working at once…

Syncing errors out partway through. That actually doesn’t worry me, though. I could sync via ethernet, then switch to MIDI and fire up StageMix.

There are a lot of us wishing this worked. StageMix is my primary interface during soundchecks, but there are many functions it simply doesn’t have, and that are tedious on the console, such as channel naming and phantom power switching.

I should be able to route Studio Manager through MIDI Yoke, though. Isn’t that what you do with SOF? And then somehow send a non-relevant parameter change every second or so to keep Studio Manager interested?

The easiest way would be to use something like Bome’s MIDI translator.
Use a timer as the trigger (once every second should do it) and have it send the keep alive message. That software has virtual MIDI ports so I don’t think MIDI yoke would be needed. You’d also need it to “pass thru” all every other SysEx message…

Looks promising. Thanks.

Aaaaaand it works. I set up a timer to fire every 4 seconds with a trigger of “open project file”.
That triggers an action where I captured pressing the Mono Master Mute Safe button, something I never use.
Studio Manager is assigned to the Borne virtual ports, and Borne to the hardware ports.
Borne’s project Router connects them together. Open Borne, Studio Manager comes online.

Trying to re-sync crashes Borne. However, if I fully sync via DME first, even if things get off, I should be able to recall a scene and be back in line.

It’s Bome. B.O.M.E.

… And…

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi there, I found your post by googling the same thing you are trying to accomplish. I got everything working, but can’t figure out how you are sending a command every 4 seconds in Bome. Also, if you leave echo on it syncs just fine for me via midi. I also am just sending a midi command from bome to the LS9 which activates it just fine, I just can’t figure out how to get it to repeat in bome. Any suggestions on getting bome to repeat? Thanks


Hmm, thought I replied to this but my message was gone lol. Going to try again…

How did you get Bome to repeat the midi send? I set it up like you mentioned just having it send the midi command when opening the page (or opening the bome file). It sends 1 command, I don’t see anywhere in there to repeat this midi command? I see you can repeat keystrokes though, did you tie in two of those together? Also, the midi for me is REALLY bad sometimes, but not a dealbreaker. I just want access to compression and FX controls from FOH. Using stagemix for the bulk of the work and illuminating our snake. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


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Looks like I need the pro version of Bome’s to accomplish this? Don’t want to send $90 to send one command lol… hmmm there might be a way to accomplish this task using autohotkey, I will look in to that I think. Feel free to suggest any other alternatives or if there is a way to use classic (Bome) still. Thanks!