Studio Menager with 2 laptops

Hello… Does anyone know a solution to control my 01v96 with 2 laptops using Studio Menager and SOF :icon_pray:
One to control main mixing and another to control widgets for exemple :slight_smile:
Best regards.

Might be possible using a MIDI merger and using MIDI in/out on the 01V instead of USB for the SM connection. You’d need MIDI interfaces for your 2 computers as well.

That’s in theory, of course…

But why wouldn’t you just run either the main or monitor mix from the 01V directly??

Hi Andy !!! Just to try with someone else on stage… I think it’s easier to mix wedges ;))

Well, if you’ve got some MIDI interfaces and a Merger lying around, you could give it a shot and see…
I guess you might also need a Thru box as well to get the MIDI out from the console to the 2 computers.

Hello Andy… Tanks for your help. I will test :cheers: See you son…