Support needed, dLive and Companion

Hi! Thanks for making this!
I have a setup with a QL5 and a Stream deck that works flawlessly. Super!

But now I try to do the same thing with a dLive S5000 and a DM48.
I can´t get it to work. Could someone please point me in the right direction as to how to set it up?

I have it set ut with a PC connected to a switch which also connects to the S5000.
If I try to connect to the mixers IP I only get a error message (something about MIDI).
If connected to the DM48 it says “Status OK”. But no commands work.
I tryed install the A&H Midi drivers on the PC but didn´t work either. Do you need this?

Please help!

You’re connecting to one of the network ports, not the GigaAce, or DX ports, right?

Check your MIDI settings on your dLive. IIRC they need to be set to the default offset.

Hi! Thanks for the reply.
No the desk is connected on the Network port. I can control it with Director from the same PC.

Should I use the IP for the desk or the DM48?

I don’t find so many MIDI settings on the desk. Only channel-numbers. Tried them all but didn’t work.

The IP can be either the DM48 or surface IP, as long as the surface is connected to the DM48.

Regarding the MIDI settings, this is from the manual:

The base MIDI channel N is the lowest channel of the range selected in Utility / Control / MIDI.

Set it to 0 if it isn’t already. However, that setting shouldn’t affect settings like VSC and Talkback on/off. Check that those 2 commands are working?

Ok thanks for the reply. I’ll not be in the studio with the desk untill next week so will try all the tips then.
A good idea to update the system to 1.86?

If you like, it doesn’t affect the MIDI functions.

I got it up and running! I recalled the “reset midi” snapshot and after that it all works fine.

Future function request: To have the same functions as in the QL one, especially the ability to turn on/off a send from the master/matrix/aux.


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Good tip!

The A&H stuff has nowhere near the control possibilities of the Yamaha.
That’s as much as can be done with the dLive/iLive until they decide to add control. Unlikely that they will, though.

Ah I see. Made a setup for a Zoom/Teams operator to control some sends to/from Zoom/Teams. Had to double patch a lot of channels and auxes on the dLive since it only can control the mutes. But it´s working fine :slight_smile: