The new StreamDeck+

Hi Andy
Will there be any changes needed to your fork of Companion to enable the use of the extra dials and screen on the new StreamDeck+?

Hoping that anything that is normally ‘dialled’ in, can now be put onto the knobs - HA Gains - Push for phantom etc…
and feedback of ‘knob position’ in the screen above the knob.

Keep up the good work by the way. MUCH Appreciated.

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Hi Kirb;

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

I’m not really sure what the answer is there, I’m waiting for my SD+ to arrive, hopefully before the end of the year, and once it’s here I definitely want to see how to implement those knobs to adjust anything and everything!
It’ll be quite the game changer I think!

I just got my streamdeck+ and tried your version companion-2.4.0-it-2022-11-10-win64
The streamdeck+ doesn’t show up in the surfaces page at all.
It does work on the official 2.4.0 version.
Let me know if there is anything I should trouble shoot.

Thanks for letting me know.
Mine just arrived as well so I’ll see what’s up tomorrow.

You are correct. It does not work with my latest build, but that’s because it’s behind by a couple of weeks from the main Companion branch. Also custom variable handling broke.
Just waiting for an update from Companion then I’ll do a new build.

SD+ works great on Companion 3. It’s gonna be amazing!

Can’t wait - probably going to spend a bit of time over the holidays re hashing my pages to encoporate the SD+

New build is up for MacOS.
Getting a Windows build done might take a while. Sorry!

Windows version is (finally) up.
Let me know how it works for you!

Hi Andy
Got my SD+ now.

Trying your latest build (I’m on a MBPro M1 Apple Silicon) it’s not seeing the surface.
If I run the latest 2.4.1 build from - it sees it fine.


Try it now and let me know.

Yep - now seeing it.

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Little tease of the possibilities.


Has anyone tried it yet?
@kirb @tmkvamme

I’ll give it a try tomorrow. It’s just gone 1am here and I’m on my way home from a gig.
Watch this space…

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Ooh I didn’t notice the windows version was up til now…
I am excited to try but busy with Christmas stuff this week. So we will see if I can sneak it in. Otherwise I’ll play with it soon.

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Happy New Year everyone! Any feedback so far?

:sleepy: :cry:

Hopefully no news is good news…

I just bought one and I’ll be out with a PM10 and/or 7 all year. Excited to try it out!


The SD+ is a real game-changer.