Transferring Values from 1 Channel to Another


Is there any way to request a value (REQ) from one channel, and then transfer that value to another channel programmatically? I know I could save the cue, and then edit the channel number in the XML file. I would like to read the value of a fader, then write that value out to another fader.


Hi Tim;

Might be easier to just to use the channel linking functions in the console, but certainly YammieQ can do this.

I’ve attached a sample for the CL5. When you turn channel 1 on, it gets the current value of the channel 1 fader. It then moves channel 2’s fader to that same position. Also, if you move channel 1’s fader, channel 2 will also move to that new position.

If you’re using a different console and need a different example, or this isn’t doing what you want, let me know.


Thanks for always responding so fast. I have not had a chance to respond to you until now.

I do understand what you are saying about channel linking, I guess I didn’t use a good example when I said faders. What I was looking for was something to take a parameter or multiple parameters from one channel strip over to another channel strip. Say I have a HPF setting that I want to move over to a couple of other channels but not the whole EQ (which I could do by saving out the EQ). Based on playing around with YammieQ, it should be possible to perform a REQ on just the HPF value for that channel and write just that value to another channel, say with a CUE based on which channel I select.

When YammieQ sends a REQ out to the console, where does that response of what was REQUESTED get stored? From some of the other examples, it looks like after you do a REQ you immediately need to write that value to somewhere else in order to see what it was. Is this accurate? Is it possible to save that value somewhere so that it could be used in another cue?

Hey Tim;

The Request just tells the console “please send me the current value of this parameter”. The console immediately sends a Parameter Change message containing the value of the parameter you requested. That value is inserted into the trigger so it can be applied to any number of cues.
Not sure if that answers your question - maybe knowing more about what you need to do will help me understand and give you a better answer.


What I am trying to do is take a single parameter from a channel and apply just that parameter to other channels. Take for instance I have the HPF Frequency set to 70.0Hz on Channel 1 and want that same setting across other channels that I select, but don’t want to change anything else about the other channels. I was thinking that I could REQ HPF Frequency from Channel 1 as an Immediate Trigger with a REQ cue, but I can’t figure out how to write that parameter value to another channel with a VAL trigger, based on which channel I select.


So a more selective global paste or something where those parameters are linked across channels?

  1. Choose a channel to copy from. Change a parameter. Choose a channel to copy that parameter to. Execute.


  1. Select a bunch of channels to have a parameter “linked”, and whenever the value of that parameter changes, all the selected channels have that value changed.

Or something else?

More like number 1, except Request a parameter value from a channel. Choose a channel to copy that parameter to. Execute.

Yeah, not very easy, since there’s 2 variable parameters: 1. The value of the parameter you want to copy and 2. the channels you want to copy to.

If the source and destination channels are fixed, it’s very easy. Having selectable “on-the-fly” channels for source or destination would be an extremely complex cue. I can’t really think of a way to do that currently with YammieQ.