Trigger Filter

I don’t whether it’s already possible, but how about the possibility to filter a trigger.
I tried this: load eq settings by pressing an UDK. When the key is pressed for each UDK a different value is sent. The Channel,… is the same. When any of the keys is released the value 0 is sent.

I can recall settings by pressing a key, but I’m unable to change the eq using auto update, due to the fact, the trigger value changes to 0 while releasing the key, so I’m not in the right cue anymore.
So my idea is to have the chance of filtering incoming triggers, so in this case the 0 value is ignored.

What do you think?

  • Torben

Please post the .ysw here so I can see how it works.

You probably don’t need a filter if I can see what you’re trying.

sorry, for the late reply, but I’m sick in bed. Give me some more days.


Very sorry to hear that! Get well soon!!