Triggering a DCA mute when fader off (Companion v3)

Hi Andy!
This is super helpful! Do you have the text string for these triggers? How do I learn more about triggers and variables?

You’re referencing this video:

Companion, I have both a CL5 and Avantis. Does the string change based on consoles or is it pretty static?

Yes. I love the way this operates, bypassing YammieQ for DCA mutes, especially since I am using more then one console sometimes depending on the show and Theatre I am working.

Have a look at the video, you can pause it to see the trigger strings. I hope to do a video on how to create this kind of operation, turning things on and off based on a fader position or some other parameter.
The RCP module works with the TF, CL, QL and Rivage consoles.