Trying to control QL/CL series

I’m new here and I want to connect QL/CL series to my stream deck.

I’m not really sure to understand what’s possible and I can’t see for the moment videos posted by Andy !

So I need to connect my QL/CL with my QL/CL editor then, with the plunggin you’ve create, control with Companion my CL/QL editor ?
Did you try something like link mixes that are not paired natively by the console ( when you want to link mix 1 and 4 for exemple).

Thx for add

Best regards from Paris :smiley:


Hi Nat, and welcome!

Are you talking about the SCP or MIDI module?
The SCP Module does not work with the Editor.

The Editor OR the console can be used with the MIDI module. You can’t do anything that’s not natively possible with the console or editor itself, like your example of linking non-consecutive mixes.

Hi Andy,

Actually I’m looking to use firstable the midi module and use the scp in a second time.

So I does SCP work ? (I mean how do you connect stream deck to the QL/CL)

So you’ve never used companion before?
you can read about it here:

you don’t connect the streamdeck to your console, just your computer that running companion. You need to download companion from my site here, not the version on Bitfocus, it doesn’t have the MIDI module.

ok got it ! Thanks !

Hi Andy, I am leaving a short post to download you build. Looking forward to it. Kind regards Stefan