Trying to create a MIDI trigger with the generic-MIDI module

Working with the new generic-midi module and having some success and some failure. I am using rtpmidi to setup connections on both platforms. Working to send midi cues from ProPresenter to companion on another windows platform. I can establish the connection then I can send noteon, noteoff and can see messages coming in. I have not been successful in creating a trigger. I have watched Mr.X’s youtube “MIDI Trigger Demo” but cannot replicate the results.

Any ideas?


Let’s start with this.
If you copy the midi trigger as per the demo exactly, are you able to get the button colour to change as in the video?

No, the trigger does not fire. The feedback on the Midi-message-in works correctly, but the trigger does not seem to fire. I will check it out again tomorrow to make sure it is exact. In addition, when I observe the variables and the feedback, I always see the feedback, but I dont always see the variable for message-in change from false to true. It seems inconsistent.

Ok. I’m sure once you figure out what’s different about your trigger than the one in my video you’ll have it sorted out.
I can take some screenshots of the details of that trigger if need be.
Oh, did you by chance forget to “enable” the trigger?
There’s also a test button on the trigger page that can be useful.

I figured out the issue. I had the feedback updating a button background and that button had never been defined at all. When I added text to the button “Test”, the trigger then fired correctly and showed correctly in the log.

Thanks for your help

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