Updating issues with SCP/RCP

Anyone had any issues updating an old SCP page to the new RCP replacement? It’s supposed to update it automatically but I heard from one person that it didn’t.
If anyone has an old page from SCP maybe post it so I can try updating and see if it works or not.

I’m a bit lost here…How do I get the RCP for PM7 control loaded in the connection /instances? Only option I see is add by category and add by manufacturer. I downloaded companion-module-yamaha-rcp-1.6.0 which has several files . But, how is it added as a instance? Thanks - Jon

Hi Jon;

The RCP module is part of the Companion beta. You don’t download it separately. You can download companion from this forum or at bitfocus.io. If you grab the one from bitfocus, make sure it’s the BETA, not the 2.1.x version.
The one on this forum is the latest beta as of the date of upload.

Let me know if you need more help.

@Andy . I know you set this up months ago now. It’s just been really busy so I’m just now revisiting. I ended up restoring my main companion instance to the previous version (SCP). I just did a companion update on my companion Pi setup. It now has the same issue. The module connection is listed as OK. The actions in all my buttons though are all disconnected. There are spots listed for the actions but no action is defined.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Did you happen to export your pages before updating?

If so, please attach them so i can debug why they didn’t update properly. I really appreciate it!