Upgrade firmware or not?

Hi, I’m considering buying the cable to update the firmware on my 2 DTR650’s (current firmware R5E.06.02, codeplug version CP03.10.10). If I do this should I expect any real difference?

Check the documents I’ve posted to see the new features and decide whether the upgrade would be worth it.

If nothing else, it’s handy to be able to load the same version in all your DTRs. Makes programming a little bit simpler. If you’re buying them all new, that might not be a problem… but if you’re scavenging them off eBay when you can, you’re pretty much guaranteed to wind up with a mixed bag.

What is the latest firmware/codeplug? I have four DTR650’s and theya re all R5E.06.05 / CP03.10.13.

Not sure about the Codeplug (or even how to update that) but the latest firmware is R5E.06.05.

Thanks… it appears the FW hasn’t been updated for at least a year… probably means no reason to (which is good) :slight_smile:

2011 was the last update. I very much doubt there will be any further updates.


Thanks for the information!


This forum will be a good source of help to me, I think.