User setup library PM5

Finally on a console with this thing and it’s incredible!

But one of the first things I tried was recalling a user setup library. Doesn’t seem to work. I just need to swap between libraries for different custom faders. Is there a better way to that?

That’s great!

The best way to check if a function is available is to watch the log. If the console has a controllable parameter, when you adjust that control, you’ll see a corresponding message in the debug log.

Also, the best way to create actions is to use the macro function. Drag the macro preset to a button, press the button to start recording, make the changes you want on the console, then press the button again to stop recording. It will record the actions as well as the matching feedback.

FYI, I don’t think the Rivage has custom fader layer messages, (unlike the CL/QL, which does).

Does a message show in the companion log when you recall a user setup library?

No :frowning:
Doesn’t record anything at all.

Are you seeing the messages for other functions? Like moving a fader?
If not, make sure you have selected “debug” in the log.

Fader moves work great. I’ll try this again in a few days when I’m back on the console, but I think maybe this one just isn’t going to work.

I also tried a macro for “record” and “stop” for the usb recorder and those aren’t working either.

But direct scene recall works and turning off multiple inserts with one button works and that makes it all worth it!

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